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My Open Apology To All of My Friends Who Had Kids Before Me

To all of my friends who became mothers before me - I'm so sorry. 
I could've been more available.
I could've offered to take your kid(s) for a few hours to give you a break.
I could've came around more.
I could've invited you out more. 
I shouldn't have assumed that you had it all together.
I should've checked on you more. 
I could've been a better friend. I should've been a better friend. 
Now that I'm a mom, I see where I failed as a friend.
I would not be able to handle motherhood without my support system.
I know how blessed I am - but I also know that many of you do not have that support.
I really didn't understand the rollercoaster that is motherhood until I became a mother myself. Some things you can't really understand until you experience it.
Looking back I should've been that support for you. I had more than enough free time. I really have no excuse for not being there like I should've been. 
I will make more of an effort be that friend you need. I won't assume you're alright or got it all together. Us mamas gotta stick together & I vow to do better. 
Love y'all,
Ciera' Harris is the founder of Black Girl Thriving, The Black Mama Collective, and Read & Go Traveling Book Club. She is also a certified ELA teacher. Her passion is serving Black women & she does that through social media, events, and blogging. She loves helping people, animals, and being in nature. She is the mother to 1 son named Elias  and a puppy named Melo. She is based in Charlotte, NC. 
IG: @blackgirlthriving/@theblackmamacollective/@readandgobookclub 

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