Puzzle Pieces

Written By: Hannah C. 

Growing up in a two parent household, I had dreams, goals, and a vision for how I would like to start my own family. As I got older and made my own decisions, I did things that made me feel comfort, not realizing that with every decision I should consider longevity.

I became a single mother at the age of 26 to my son. I truly love my son, with everything in me and this will be until I take my last breath and beyond.
Now that I’ve started with a foundation, allow me to be honest in this written piece. I am now a 33 year old single woman, who struggles with fairytale versus reality. Every single day, I tap into my comfort zone by planning and visualizing the life I want for my son and I. I dwell on my talents, such as writing and marketing to fulfill my daily schedule. This has been my mindset for
so long, to the point where I’m just tired of myself. My son deserves a mother that is intelligent enough to make effective decisions.

I don’t believe in suffering and extreme sacrifice, but it’s the reality that is needed here. We are living in unfortunate times of inflation, a seller's housing
market, underpaid jobs plus more. So, what do we do?
When having kids, we absolutely want the best for them, and ourselves as well. We are eager to never give up on our dreams, but when do we start to manifest our kids’ dreams? My son is only 6, so I tell myself, there’s time for that, but is it really?

After living through a pandemic, time is more unpredictable than ever. We have no clue what tomorrow will hold, if it ever comes. This is my indifference, seeing a better life for my seed and I, but not knowing where to start.

I do believe though, that the best beginning comes from a place of happiness and peace, whatever that may be. I could start with a simple task, like a road trip for us, a Mommy and Son vacation, something small. I want my son to see the both of us, happy together and effectively thriving. He sees it now, but with understanding that I could attain the life that I dreamed of as a little girl, I  know that I have work to do. As I date myself, I am healing, and learning who I am, what makes me happy, what intrigues me, and so on. I feel that spending this time with me will help me be the best for my son, and for my heart to stay open for unconditional love to complete our family.

To the Mommies that read this, just know that our thoughts and feelings are valid. It’s fine to feel like we have more work to do before feeling fulfilled. Just because we have kids, does not mean this is our absolute purpose, it is an amazing and effortless plus to our overall puzzle, but we are the pieces that must come together.

I am Hannah C. I am a mother to one son. My passion is marketing and journalism. I thoroughly enjoy being a voice for information and entertainment. My aim is to keep the art of journalism alive, by writing stories for the community to embrace. FB Like Page: The HannahC, IG: @the.HannahC

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