What a blessing it is to see 2019! I know many of us have made New Year's resolutions...and by January 15 we say to hell with it! 

Well this year lets be different! No matter what your goal is, stick with it. If you mess up, get back on track. You can take a break from it BUT DO NOT GIVE UP!

One of my main goals is to lose more weight and become toned and healthier. I'm challenging myself to a 101 day fitness challenge (which started on NYE). Last year I did this same thing and lost about 20 pounds and lots of inches. Did I mess up? HELL YES! But instead of throwing away all of my progress, I enjoyed a cookie and here and there and kept it moving. I'm not letting one bad day derail my progress.

So this is my challenge to you- this year DO NOT GIVE UP. Do not call it a New Year's resolution because after the New Year we tend to fall off...and stay off. Whatever your goal is SMASH IT! Keep a running list of everything you need to do to accomplish that goal and do them! SPEND EVERYDAY WORKING ON YOUR GOAL.

Remember this - a goal with no action is just an idea...we all have ideas, but how many of us actually put in the work to make them become reality? Start that business! Lose that weight! Begin that spiritual journey! Don't waste any more time thinking, baby you got to DO IT!

Peace & Blessings,

Ciera' xo. 


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